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Previously Juniper Blackthorne

Jade Malanczak

Bachelor of Arts
(Indigenous Knowledge, History & Heritage)

Jade is highly passionate about people. She is skilled in stakeholder and community engagement and has a history of acting as a conduit, fostering partnerships and championing collaboration. She is motivated by leveraging the strengths and abilities of others to create symbiotic outcomes that build capacity and produce opportunities.

A strong ally of Australia's First Nations people, she is well versed at working in the grey.  She loves innovation and takes a positive view of change, while also understanding the importance of pragmatic decision-making and managing client and stakeholder expectations.

Having worked with state government over 10 years, Jade's most recent roles have seen her providing support and mentoring to micro-business, SMEs and Aboriginal corporations in the spheres of human resources, economic development and community engagement.

She has well developed critical thinking, conceptual and analytical skills, with the ability to view issues from multiple perspectives.

Jade currently lives in WA's Great Southern region, having previously lived in Kalgoorlie and worked across the central & northern Goldfields.

Claire Bateman

Master of Business Administration
(Human Resource Management)

Having lived in regional WA for over 15 years, Claire is passionate about supporting rural and remote communities and understands the unique challenges of living and working hundreds of kilometres away from a capital city.

She is a creative and future-focused leader, and a skilled mentor. She enjoys helping people and businesses to refocus and pivot when they feel ‘stuck’. With her background in HR Claire is unafraid to have challenging conversations and make the tough calls, but she is also deeply compassionate and an advocate at heart.

Her dynamic and adaptable work style also means she can scale her approach to each client/project, based on context and their aspirations.

She is also an experienced strategist and project manager, having worked in local government, tourism, SMEs, not-for-profit, mining, engineering, fashion and youth in a variety of operational and leadership roles.

Claire has spent the last eight years as CEO of a small group of companies in Kalgoorlie including a consulting firm, where as the principal she provides HR management, organisational development, strategic planning, event management, small business support, marketing strategy, and graphic design services to clients across the Goldfields-Esperance region.

Claire Bateman at the 2023 AIATSIS Summit in Noongar Boodja, Perth WA attending for Wander Consulting
Jade Malanczak sitting on the Green Frog, located south of Menzies, Western Australia, travelling for Wander Consulting
About Us

We are deeply passionate about regional, rural and remote Australia, so created a business to support the change that we want to see.


We love travelling across the country, visiting clients, discovering new places and supporting country towns anyway we can.

Jade Malanczak in Broome, Western Australia travelling for Wander Consulting
Jade Malanczak, Claire Bateman standing outside Perth Airport Domestic Departures Terminal 1, travelling for Wander Consulting
Claire Bateman at Esperance Stonehenge in Western Australia, travelling for Wander Consulting
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